Arize Alarm

The secret is out. Your self-talk holds the key to your transformation.
How long will you allow toxic, self-defeating thoughts control your destiny? It's time to reclaim your power.
Arize Alarm is a mobile alarm clock app that wakes you with daily affirmations, anchoring your mindset in power as soon as you wake.
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The Science

Our thoughts are literal 'things'. Things made up of chemicals and proteins, having shape and weight and able to be seen using advanced forms of nueroimaging. Our thoughts look much like trees which is why Science calls them the 'magic trees of the mind' (a term coined by pioneer brain researcher Dr. Marian Diamond).

Negative, harmful, toxic thoughts slow brain function, impede cognition and increase susceptibility to disease - the result; toxic trees take form in the brain.

In contrast, positive, beneficial, life-affirming thoughts contribute to an overall optimized function of our brains and bodies while building healthy trees - neurons, pathways and synapses - in the brain.
Each waking moment of your life, what you think matters.

Human beings have been given the ability to think about what we think about (metacognition). By observing our thought life we can identify, alter and ultimately root out toxic thought patterns in our minds.

Research on the effectiveness of positive affirmations shows that with consistent application and reconceptualization of negative/harmful thought patterns, you WILL make positive impact on your body & mind!

The big lie

You have been robbed of your truth by thoughts which tell you that you are powerless; thoughts that say you will forever believe and be at the mercy of the self-defeating, self-sabotaging self-talk whirling around in your mind day after day. You've had enough.

With consistent and deliberate intention you have the power to change the narrative that lives in your mind.

With Arize Alarm, wake up to daily affirmations and receive periodic mobile notifications which serve to remind you of your power.

Your new truth

You are not a victim. You are not at the mercy of toxic thinking. You have the power to transform your mind. By now you realize that your thoughts are your responsibility. The quality of your self-talk determines the quality of who and what you become.

You are more than capable of reclaiming your power. Feel it. Know it. It's time to wake up the power within.

reclaim your power. it's time.

Arize Alarm is currently in the rebuilding phase. It's a process but the purpose is bigger than any challenge we'll face along the way. In the meantime, join the waitlist below to participate in our soon to come Beta Release!

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